Hurricane Season in Louisiana is a time of year that none of us particularly get excited to see. However, it is a time of year we must all prepare. It is especially important for our elderly and sick population to be prepared. The team at Professional Home Health have storm policies and procedures in place to check in with all our current patients. Our team will triage patients and if necessary, assist with coordinating evacuation to an appropriate shelter in the time of an oncoming storm. Professional Home Health has composed these policies and procedures to help keep our patients safe.

The state of Louisiana has developed a website solely dedicated to helping keep residents safe. Below you will find a link Hurricane Preparedness Guide. However, if local authorities advise any area to evacuate, an evacuation will always take precedence—regardless of how prepared one may feel they are to ride out a storm.

By clicking the link below, you will find crucial information that will help you and your loved ones be prepared for a storm. Information such as Important Terms, Emergency Supply Checklists, Disaster Response Information, Evacuation Routes, and Recovery Assistance.

BY: Lizzy Bergeron, Liaison PHHS of Crowley