Lending a Helping Hand for a Healthier You








In 1969, Dr. HL Beebe saw the need for patients to have to opportunity to receive care in their home. Since then Professional Home Health Services (PHHS) dedication to providing high quality skilled nurses, therapists, certified nursing assistants and medical social workers has helped thousands of patients recover in the comfort of their own home.
PHHS remains to this day locally, family owned and operated to provide care to people across Louisiana
We designed the following specialty programs to assist individuals, their families and caregivers.


  • Cardiac Care- focusing on conditions affecting the heart
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation- to assist patients breathe easier
  • Diabetes Management- with or without insulin
  • Lymphedema Care- specialized therapy to decrease swelling and improve skin condition
  • Advanced Wound Care-individualized care to promote healing
  • Pediatric Care- caring for children with unique needs
  • Honeywell HomMed Health¬†monitoring system may be utilized to assist in self-management of symptoms
  • Mobility and Motion- therapy focused plan to restore/regain function after fall, injury or joint replacement
  • Wellness Program- hospital admission/ readmission prevention
  • HOPE Program- Palliative care for patients facing critical life threatening illness